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Client Centered

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Because of the passion of its founder, GFG has created a separate division that specifically focuses on teaching and mentoring adults and youths in the area of personal finance and money management. Statistics suggest that Americans who have a solid understanding of financial principles and adhere to them live a more productive and fulfilled life. It is our intent to help in this effort through the services provided by Financial Literacy Institute.

Financial Literacy Institute

Financial Literacy Institute is a Non-profit corporation whose purpose is to enhance the financial literacy skills of adults and youths. Particularly those with little or no banking experience. To accomplish this task, two training programs were created – “Personal Money Matters” and “Your Money Counts”.

"Personal Money Matters" is a middle school and high school based curriculum that creates an awareness of the realities in the personal finance environment with a focus on what should be known about money. It provides students with the skills and abilities needed to make informative decisions in handling simple banking and credit matters.

"Your Money Counts" is a training program for adults that enhances their money management skills and helps them create positive banking relationships. The workshop includes content that has been approved by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). The program has a proven record as an excellent way to teach adults basic banking and personal finance skills.