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Investment Approach

Our investment strategy consists of our team working from a focus list of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and alternative investments that we monitor and actively follow. The Garth Financial Group has created a three-step process for evaluating and monitoring our clients’ needs. These three steps will help our clients create a foundation for long-term financial success while overcoming short term challenges along the way.

Step 1. Client Profiling

During this process we review the client’s existing portfolio and establish goals and objectives that coincide with their future financial goals.

Step 2. Investment Planning

We tailor an investment strategy designed to meet the individual needs of our clients among various investment vehicles using two methods:

  1. Professional Institutional Money Management.
  2. Risk Based Asset Allocation Models.

Step 3. Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

To monitor client portfolios, we’ve created the "12-4-1 Client Contact System." As a result, our clients can expect at least the following:

  1. One call per month (12 per year)
  2. Quarterly portfolio reviews (4 times per year)
  3. One "face-to-face" annual review

Client Focus

We make every effort to be independent and objective in the advice which we provide. We are highly motivated to go the extra mile on behalf of our clients, focusing specifically on meeting their investment objectives.

Each client’s investment plan is customized. We diversify every client portfolio according to five basic asset allocation models based on their needs, goals, and risk tolerance.

GFG reviews new ideas and conduct peer reviews of each client’s portfolio to assure that the client is receiving the firm’s best thinking at all times.